Tijana Daly is a female focused Personal Trainer passionate about helping women achieve optimal health and improved body composition through a sustainable lifestyle.

Tijana graduated from George Brown College in 2014, earning her diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. From there, she began her career as a fitness professional, training a variety of different clients. Upon graduation, Tijana decided to pursue her other passion, Holistic Nutrition, and enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in the same year.

After the birth of her son in June 2016, Tijana realized the unique needs new mothers experience. Already holding a certification in Pre and Post Natal Exercise, Tijana decided to pursue the most up to date knowledge and enrolled in the Bellies Inc Core Confidence Specialist course. Through her education, Tijana has gained the right tools to help mothers safely retrain their core muscles and ease their bodies back into exercise the right way following a pregnancy.

Through the years of working with women, Tijana observed common things among them. Prior to working with her, many women reported:

  • Up and down battle to lose weight (yo yo dieting)
  • Chronic cardio (done to burn calories/shed weight)
  • Poor relationship with food and restricting whole food groups out of fear of gaining fat
  • Reluctancy to lift weights

Determined to help women shift their mindset from restriction and using exercise as a punishment, Tijana began to dedicate her career to helping women break the cycle of chronic cardio and food restriction. Today Tijana has helped hundreds of women embrace the lifestyle of lifting weights and use responsible food portioning, resulting in a long term shift in metabolism.

Tijana takes an individualized approach to each client, focusing on teaching them the skills to maintain a sustainable lifestyle (and not just a short term fat loss program).

Education & Qualifications

  • Certified Nutritional Practitioner Diploma (expected graduated 2017, Institute of Holistic Nutrition)
  • Ontario College Diploma, Fitness and Health Promotion (2014, George Brown College)
  • Personal Training Specialist (Canfitpro)
  • Fitness Instructor Specialist (Canfitpro)
  • Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist (Canfitpro)
  • Assess, Correct, Train (ACT)
  • Bellies Inc Core Confidence Specialist